Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Much to the little bugs' delight, we've recently acquired an iPad. I've been busy looking for apps they would enjoy and that would also be language related. I've found a few for French (details coming in a later post) but Russian-language apps are harder to come by.

The only Russian-language one that seems to have any success so far is Wordeaters (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wordeaters/id490622258?mt=8).

This app involves dragging Russian words that float across the screen into the mouth of the head that has guessed the right meaning (or vice versa) and the word is eaten up. It's pure translating, but both Dragonfly and Bee play it from time to time, so it seems to be sufficiently entertaining and it certainly helps them work on their vocabulary and reading skills. The word is also read out so they hear the correct pronunciation.

The app also works with English-French, English-Spanish and English-Russian but we haven't tested these combinations.

Has anyone come across any other good apps for kids that use Russian?

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  1. Hi
    Just discovered your site and I love it!
    I can recommend an app called Nighty Night. it has Russian but your kids may be either too old or too young.
    P.S. i would love to feature you on my blog. Email me at thepiripirilexicon at gmail.com