Sunday, 16 December 2012


It's Elka / Елка season in this house. A elka is a Christmas (or New Year) tree, but it also refers to a New Year show for kids with дед мороз (Grandfather Frost) and so on. 

Last weekend, Dragonfly and Bee took part in their Russian club's elka, and had to learn their lines, steps and songs. A bit like the school nativity play but with no nativity story - all on a wintry theme of snow, ice, Grandfather frost and his helper/ daughter Snegurochka ... so when we announced that they were going to a big one yesterday with their Babushka (grandma), they were worried that they hadn't rehearsed! 

But yesterday's one ( was just a show (phew!), so no performing was needed. However, despite their nerves, last week's was much more fun, in particular for Dragonfly, who found the Kremlin Elka boooring. Bee was more positive. Judging by Bee's rather dodgy photography, seems to have involved people dressed up as animals. Perhaps 9-year-olds are too old for this sort of thing?

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