Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bee's Russian went on holiday to New Zealand

Yesterday, the children went to their Friday afternoon Russian club. My competitive Bee (aged 5), came out feeling rather despondent mainly because he hadn't won any of the games they had played. This prompted a Russian rejection moment: apparently Bee's Russian had flown away to New Zealand. But when asked when/whether it might return, we were informed that it would be back at midnight - at least it hadn't permanently emigrated.

This morning, we tried a fully Russian-speaking breakfast. We try to do this once a week or so to boost the amount of Russian spoken at home as Dad is out at work and not around so much when the bugs are awake ... but it turned out that Bee's Russian was still stuck on a plane. Luckily, as Bee told us that it was now hovering over Kent he was informed that it would most likely be back imminently, landing at the private airport in the garden - so we welcomed Bee's Russian back this morning and had a nice family chat. 

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